Monday, November 17, 2008

A Hannah Montana Party

For Paislee's 8th birthday party we had a Hanah Montana bash. Honestly, an easy theme and one that kept the girls entertained non-stop for an hour and a half. We started off with Hannah coloring pages while we waited for everyone to arrive.
They played hot potato with a microphone. I thought that they would pretend to sing to the Hannah songs that were playing while they passed it around, instead it was seriously get this out of my hand as fast as possible, throwing it at each other. Ella was the hot potato champion!

Paislee and our neighbor girls Ally and Jordan.
And finally we ended with a quiet episode of Hannah's latest adventures on the TV. I'm not sure how many of you get to watch this in your homes but it's pretty funny, however Miley Cyrus seems to be growing up a lot faster than my girls (she just got her drivers license last week on the show) and I'm not sure how much longer it will be appropriate for my kids to watch.

One of their favorite activites was decorating their own cupcakes with purple and pink frosting and sprinkles, but hands down was making their own body glitter. We used cute little metal jars with glass lids, filled them 1/2 way with Aloe Vera Gel and then let them add their own glitter and stir it up. It worked really well, the girls love slathering themselves up with the stuff.

Sometimes I think, poor Grant, but he slept through the pink and purple, the glitter and the giggles. He did get a cupcake though, food makes him so happy.


Trina said...

Sounds like she had a fun Hannah Montana Party. That's the theme Tatum used this summer for her birthday. Fun, Fun!!!

The Palmers said...

Looks like a fun party. Food makes me happy too!

Hilarie said...

Looks like everyone at the party had a good time. I've not ever seen Hannah Montana but I think my Dad watches it... :) (With Riley but still he likes it.)