Saturday, November 1, 2008

Animal Control

Two precious kitty cats, one pink and white, the other black and white. When the girls came up with these costumes I was thrilled, easy and inexpensive! They turned out to be the cutest little cats around.
This one can be a bit of a diva, but we love her sparkle.

The rough & tough puppy enjoying his first Halloween treat.

This is a photo of Paislee taken by Miss Ella Jeanne, not too bad.
Here's our little zoo of animals, Jake and I definitely have our hands full with these three rambunctious kids. But moments like these make it all so worthwhile.
Halloween tradition is that we visit Great Grandma Mitchell first, this year she had two visitors we hadn't met yet, Aunt Terri and Aunt Therese. We seriously whirlwinded into the house and 30 minutes later whirlwinded out again, hopefully Grandma wasn't knocked over. Then we head over to Jake's parents house. This year we had a fun BBQ outside in the leaves (those pics to come). And we finished it up with a Trunk or Treat, you honestly can't beat that. 1 hour of walking and handing out candy and you leave with a full bag and saw lots of friends. We were home and had the kids in bed by 8:30, that I think is a very successful Halloween!

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Ang said...

Aw, what sweet kitties! Awesome puppy costume, too. I love how camera-ready your kids are - they always seem to be right there posed and ready with a handy smile. They're beautiful.

Tell Paislee Happy Birthday from us! We thought about her and really wanted to call; we're so sorry we didn't get ahold of her!