Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Silly Jack-O-Lanterns

We carved jack-o-lanterns Monday night for FHE and had so much fun. Paislee is finally old enough to get her hands dirty and loved scooping pumpkin goop into the garbage can (that means my hands stay clean from now on)!
Even if Ella were old enough to scoop goop I sort of think she'd avoid it; she's such a girly princess little thing.
The girls get to choose what sort of face they wanted, here's the kissy lips from Ella's.
Paislee supporting the "surprised" face from her Jack-O-Lantern and Ella with the "kissy" face plus eyelashes.
So instead of frightful jack-o-lanterns our front porch displays these adorable silly faces!

1 comment:

Hilarie said...

Cute, I love the faces!! My kids wouldn't really have anything to do with the goop, I even tried to get them too!