Saturday, October 18, 2008

Battling "THOR"

Some of you may not know who "THOR" is, I didn't until last night. Jake and I went to a Financial Seminar put on by the Stake. In one of the classes the teacher spoke of our conscience and the two sides of it. The "Smart" side and "THOR". The "Smart" side is the intelligent side, it persuades us to do the things that are good for us, to do the things that aren't always fun to do but necessary, and keeps us healthy and safe. "THOR", on the other hand, lives on the philosophy of persuing pleasure and avoiding pain. This side is the one that convinces that we don't need to get up early to work about before the day begins because we "deserve" to sleep in. It is also the side that tells us we can eat what we want, spend what we want, and basically do what we want. I think this is also the side that makes us feel guilty when we let him win. As I thought more about this concept the more I got mad at "THOR", as nice as it would be to take the easier road it usually creates more problems (anyone thinking of someone else "THOR" reminds you of)? I've decided that I'm not going to let "THOR" win, but in order to do this I need to confess areas of my life that "THOR" prevails:
I'm a disorganized mess, this is my work table in my craft room/office. How can I manage to get any work done. Now I had Super Saturday last weekend so I could justify this if I wanted to, but it's "THOR" that wants to, not me. I want my work area to be neat and organized. I also want all of my unfinished projects to be finished. There are many areas of my life in this same state.
Time, this is something that slips away from me so easily. An hour TV show here, a "quick" check of the e-mail there, 5 hours of work each day, the 45 minutes it takes me to get ready in the morning, a I'll just read a quick chapter in my book before I fall asleep. I know there are enough hours in the day, however "THOR" convinces me that I don't need to use them ALL to be productive, that I deserve some "me" time.In June I decided to lose the baby weight "THOR" convinced me that I could do it just by watching what I put into my mouth, that I didn't need to exercise. Here I sit 19 pounds slimmer but not any toner (it ain't pretty).
This is probably the worst, I don't balance my check book. I buy on a whim, what I want when I want it. I don't plan ahead and save up for something. I'm all about the quick gratification. With the way the economy is right now who can afford to live that way? (Disclaimer, I'm usually pretty reasonable ie) the 1998 Honda Accord DX that I drive, the side mirror is falling off, again, it has 170,000 miles on it, my three kids barely squeeze into the backseat, as much as I would like to have a new car/mini-van/SUV, I have restrained myself).
I am master of what I eat, but not what I drink, I won't admit how many of these babies I drink a day so as not to embarass my husband any further, but I'm tired of it!!!
Now the reason behind the confession? The "Smart" side of the conscience needs accountability. Since I'm human and not all powerful and at times my discipline fails me I put it out there to my friends and family, who can keep an eye on me (peer pressure) and who can encourage me to beat "THOR". So, does anyone want to share what they battle "THOR" about?


Sara said...

Great post. After reading it I have come to the solid conclusion that Thor pretty much rules my life! lol. I'm so full of justifications for everything- pretty much all of the examples you listed. Something to think about!

melissa said...

Just listing those things and acknowledging that THOR has control of you in some areas makes you one step ahead of him. Good work. I am the opposite when it comes to losing weight. I could exercise all day long but put something delicious in front of me and watch it disappear. It does help to post your weaknesses. I did a post about losing weight and have lost 3 lbs already. You are stronger than THOR. Can't weight to read about how you shut him down. Email me at so I can invite you to our blog.