Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Year Older and Wiser Too!

Our oldest child is NINE years old! I can hardly believe that she started out 7 lbs 9 ounces and is now a third grader learning how to multiply and kicking her parents bums in Mario Kart.
She is such an amazing kid:
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Activity: playing the Wii
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite Food: spaghetti
Favorite Book: Harry and the Horrible Dungeon
Ideal Career: Zoo Keeper or Veterinarian

Fun cupcakes I made from my friend's blog ( The other two kids and I took them into her class as a surprise, they were so happy. Funny story, I'd only been to her classroom once before and wasn't quite sure which one it was. She had a substitute that day so I couldn't even verify the classroom by making sure it was the right teacher. I went into the classroom next door to hers, twenty 3rd grade voices cheered loudly when they saw the cupcakes, I looked frantically around the room, couldn't see my daughter anywhere, quickly apologized to the teacher, turned around to see Paislee standing it the hallway with a , "What are you doing Mom" expression on her face, and left that classroom with twenty 3rd grade voices expressing extreme disappointment, I think I owe that class cupcakes!
She requested Chuck -E- Cheese's for her birthday dinner (we tried to bribe her with something a little more fancy, to no avail). I guess we have to be happy she's still a kid, even if it means expensive, disgusting pizza. The one saving grace at that place, they have Coke Zero in the soda fountain! They did have some new games and rides for the kids to play on this time, this one was her favorite!
Some of my favorite things about her:
Love for others
Ability to get ready for school in 20 minutes (we're hoping this wears off on her younger sister before next fall)
Upturned nose
Willingness to help with her siblings
Her obedience, she does things the first time she is asked
Her quick mind, she is always paying attention and focusing on the things we are saying and absorbing them in
How outgoing she is
Her hair; long, thick, jealous

The Cowboy and the Bride

Halloween was great this year! Sadly we have pictures from our pumpkin carving night and the Primary Dance Party but I can't get them to load from a seperate SD card. However I do have these photos to share.
Ella had planned on being a bride for Halloween for months and months. Thank goodness it was an easy costume to put together as this dress is already one of her favorites for dress up. She wanted Grant to be a Bumble Bee, but when we put the costume on him he had it off within two minutes. He wanted to try the Horse costume on, that lasted less than 30 seconds. Finally he decided on the Cowboy costume. I wish you could see his tiny holster and his tiny guns a little bit more clearly.
Two very happy Trunk or Treaters! We have the most darling video of Grant filling up his pumpkin from the larger pumpkin we were handing candy to the other kids out of. He had the concept down and was taking full advantage of it. However, I can't figure out how to get the video from the hard drive onto the blog! Come over, we'll show you on the TV!