Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Muddy Pumpkins

We had a fun, semi chilly, very muddy morning at the pumpkin patch with a few of our friends from church. The kids absolutely didn't mind the mud and had so much fun on the farm.
Grant was so excited to find a pumpkin that sported his favorite color, green, that he had to get it! He even packed it around for a few minutes before handing it off to me. Later they learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and when they showed the photo of a green pumpkin he was so excited and told the lady that it was his favorite color. He had so much enthusiasm he was yelling and jumping as he announced it.
Ella's pumpkin. She quietly walked through the pumpkin vines until she spotted the one she wanted. Once she had decided which one she stuck with it.
Grant with a fiesty little pony. These guys did not like their stable mates at all, there was some bullying and biting going around. Definitely not the greatest example for these kiddos to see but hilarious at the same time.
Parker the red nosed baby. It was a little chilly and since she wasn't running around she was a tiny bit cold. She had a shiny red, runny nose but was happy anyway (when isn't she)?

The ever popular hay maze, they ran back and forth through this thing for a good ten minutes. Every now and then they'd hit a dead end, turn around and run smack into another little kid, good times!
My little buddy, who insisted I take his photo. He cracks me up, don't you just love how he wears his hat like a little old man, crooked and askew.