Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From Hugs to Dog Piling

I have a new calling, I'm the Mia Maid Advisor now and I love it! However I realized almost immediately after being called that we have a very huggy group of girls and leaders. Now, I don't mind a hug every now and then but I'm definitely not a hugger and this is going to take me out of my comfort zone. So, to combat my discomfort I've been practicing hugging with Jake and our kids. The following pictures are how one of our most recent practice sessions ended, needless to say, I need to practice more so my family doesn't end up piled on each other.

It might not seem very loving but obviously there's a lot of love at our house, we just express it differently!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saving Some For Later

This is what I found when I went to change Grant's diaper the other day. A jelly bean nestled in his belly button. I'm sure it's the case of a jelly bean falling down his shirt and settling there, but knowing this kid and his appetite for food, he really could have been saving some for later.
I laughed out loud and remembered to grab the camera this time, Jake held him still so I could capture this funny little moment. Maybe this answers the question: What is the purpose of the belly button? (I know umbilical cord but seriously, after those first 9 months what are you supposed to do with it?)

3 Kids and 5 Easter Egg Hunts

We had a busy Easter weekend this year and now we have way too much candy at our house. From the first Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Mitchell's, #2 at Aunt Jan's, #3 at Grandpa Bret and Grandma Julia's, #4 from the actual Easter Bunny and #5 at Pappa Bill and Grammy Shar's, we made the rounds and the kids looked high and low to find all the hidden treasures.
Grant loved to get the eggs hidden up high. He would spot them and ask to go up, then laugh right out loud when he had snatched them from their hiding spots.
Paislee with her new Easter dress.
Ella tossing her egg into the basket.
Ella's new Easter shirt.
The 3 kids in Grandpa Bret's backyard.
Grant and his cousin Tripp.
Paislee and Ella with their cousin Lexi.
All the grandkids who could make it.
Grandpa Bret helping Grant get the candy into the basket rather than his mouth.
On the hunt.

We're so lucky to have 2/3 of the Grandparents close by that we can visit during the holidays. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming making sure everyone gets to see the kids, but really family is what it is all about. I'm so grateful that we are able to celebrate Easter with our kids, that they can learn about the Savior's resurrection and how important it is in their own lives. I'm grateful that if we live the way we've been taught that we can be a family forever. I love my kids and husband so much and am striving daily to reach my goal.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at Grace Assisted Living

Jake's Grandma moved into an assisted living facility just before Thanksgiving last year. It's taken her some time to adjust to the new environment but I think it's finally growing on her. Of course family events like Easter Egg Hunts also help to brighten anyone's day along with a little bit of sunshine. The hunt was for children under 5, so Papa volunteered to stay home and hang out with "the bear", which is his nickname for Paislee. Ella and Grant had fun picking up the eggs with all the other kids. Grant really wanted to enjoy the chocolate inside the eggs, he was in no hurry to get to the next one until he had a little part of the first in his mouth. No surprise there coming from a kid whose first combination of words was "I EAT!"

Discovery Center with the LeBeaus

Since becoming a SAHM/Realtor we have had a lot of fun with a lot of friends. From play dates, field trips, mommy and me lunches, as well as learning to grocery shop with multiple children, scheduling nap times around errands, it feels like we've done it all. Here are a few photos taken from a play date with our friends the LeBeaus to the Discovery Center in Boise. The photo above is the boys and an air compressor that kept that beach ball floating in the air. The two of them spent the most time at this display.
They have this crazy bed of nails, each of the kids laid on it and were so still and quiet (I think we might implement a bed of nails at home). I had to give it a try!

Ella and Jordynn spent a lot of time playing with the bubbles. It's so much fun when they are self entertained.
I think everyone's favorite section was the grocery store. They have displays of food, produce, cleaning items, really everything that you would find at your local grocery store. Teeny kid size carts for them to load their groceries in, working conveyor belts that lead to a cash register, and play money to buy their groceries.
Family photo in what I can best describe as a fun house type display, don't we look great distorted?
We look forward to what each new day brings, especially since warmer weather is finally arriving!