Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at Grace Assisted Living

Jake's Grandma moved into an assisted living facility just before Thanksgiving last year. It's taken her some time to adjust to the new environment but I think it's finally growing on her. Of course family events like Easter Egg Hunts also help to brighten anyone's day along with a little bit of sunshine. The hunt was for children under 5, so Papa volunteered to stay home and hang out with "the bear", which is his nickname for Paislee. Ella and Grant had fun picking up the eggs with all the other kids. Grant really wanted to enjoy the chocolate inside the eggs, he was in no hurry to get to the next one until he had a little part of the first in his mouth. No surprise there coming from a kid whose first combination of words was "I EAT!"


aubrey said...

Look how sweet! You guys are so good at taking great pictures! It helps to have such cute kids. :)

S said...

I did a search on Grace Assisted Living and your page was the only one which came up. I am moving my mom into Grace Meridian in one week, please contact me and tell me what to expect. This is her second move in 2 months and I want it to be her last.