Monday, April 6, 2009

Discovery Center with the LeBeaus

Since becoming a SAHM/Realtor we have had a lot of fun with a lot of friends. From play dates, field trips, mommy and me lunches, as well as learning to grocery shop with multiple children, scheduling nap times around errands, it feels like we've done it all. Here are a few photos taken from a play date with our friends the LeBeaus to the Discovery Center in Boise. The photo above is the boys and an air compressor that kept that beach ball floating in the air. The two of them spent the most time at this display.
They have this crazy bed of nails, each of the kids laid on it and were so still and quiet (I think we might implement a bed of nails at home). I had to give it a try!

Ella and Jordynn spent a lot of time playing with the bubbles. It's so much fun when they are self entertained.
I think everyone's favorite section was the grocery store. They have displays of food, produce, cleaning items, really everything that you would find at your local grocery store. Teeny kid size carts for them to load their groceries in, working conveyor belts that lead to a cash register, and play money to buy their groceries.
Family photo in what I can best describe as a fun house type display, don't we look great distorted?
We look forward to what each new day brings, especially since warmer weather is finally arriving!

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mindy said...

I love the Discovery Center. We went there with my mom last time we were in Boise and the kids had so much fun, they still talk about it! That air thing that blows the beach ball is one of my favorite things.