Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turkey Count Down

I apologize that there are quite a few posts to catch up. We have such a full and busy life that I know if I don't get these in now I'll have way too many to post next week.
We thought it would be fun to make Turkeys to count down the days until Thanksgiving. We are so excited for Thanksgiving this year, we will be spending it in Oregon with Jake's sister. They have a little girl that is a few months younger than Ella and all of the cousins are going through withdrawals. I'm exciting to have 5 days off of work to spend with my family.
The kids thought of something for each feather that they were thankful for. Some of the items they said were: the seasons, grandparents, family, clothes, scriptures, home, Heavenly Father, baptism, helping others, prayers, kindness, the Holy Ghost, the creation, and our Savior. It's nice to count your blessings and hear what your kids are most thankful for.

Ella and I with her turkey. Moments like these are monumental for Ella and I. We spend most of our time at odds with each other, struggling for control. She has such a strong personality and spirit and I'm a little bit of a "Nazi Mom" that we play tug of war a lot. I love it when we are able to enjoy each other and work together like this; we are both a lot happier when we do.
Paislee and her turkey, they turned out to be a lot bigger than I had anticipated.

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Morgan said...

What a great idea. Next year I would be "thankful" if you would invite my kids over so they could do something festive like this...