Thursday, November 6, 2008

8 Years Old

Paislee celebrated her 8th birthday this past Sunday. One month from today she will be baptized! All these changes are very exciting and make me feel so very old. Here she is posing with one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen, thanks Grammy.
As you can see she is thrilled with her 8 year old status. She attended her first Activity Day activity at the church on Wednesday and loved playing with all of the other girls.

She also received her very first set of scriptures. She loves reading with the family every night and is constantly impressing us with her ability to read all of the difficult words. Last night she realized she could mark her favorites with her new pencils and I'm afraid her book will be rainbow colored before too long.

Why horse-opoly? Those of you who may not know Paislee but know me may wonder why my child has a horse game. She is actually obsessed with horses and all other animals. From a very young age she liked them. Her bedset even has horses on it at her Santa Claus request in 2006. We have stables, horses, feed buckets, cowgirls, outfits. This poor kid knows that I'm very allergic to them and has already apologized for the fact that she will have horses at her house when she grows up.
We are having an all girl Hanah Montana bash next weekend so this was a very simple cake (you have to have cake ON your birthday).

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