Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Backyard BBQ

On Halloween we had a fun pit stop at Jake's parents house in the middle of our running around. We cooked hot dogs and sausages over the open fire and watched the girls play in the leaves.
Grant and Grammy on the trampoline. It's funny how kids have strong, positive connections with most family members and then this magnetism with others. Ella and Papa are like this and have been since she was a baby, now we have Grant and Grammy who share this strong connection. Then there's Paislee who loves everyone equally and 110% without hesitation.
Grant eating and smiling sweetly for the camera. I think October 31st will be the last day in a long while where we didn't have to wear coats outside.
Ella ingoring her dinner and posing for the camera.
Paislee, Ella, and Papa patiently waiting for their dogs to cook.
We were having so much fun that we went back and played some more after the trunk or treat was over.


Mike said...

What's mom feeding Grant? That fluorescent green stuff doesn't look too appetizing. :)

Britanie said...

The fluorescent green stuff was the spoon I think, she was feeding him homemade chicken noodle soup. Although with his appetite he would probably eat fluorescent green stuff without thinking twice about it.