Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Corvallis

This year for Thanksgiving we traveled to Corvallis, Oregon to visit Jake's sister Angie and her family. Traveling was "terrific" and it took 12 hours to get to their home (it should only have taken 9 at the most, at one point we went 1 mile in 20 minutes). The kids were so relieved to get there and Clara (who is 9 weeks younger than Ella) was waiting up so patiently to see her cousins.

Thanksgiving dinner was great! The food was delicious and there was plenty of it. I want to add a disclaimer, no food was wasted on Grant's plate, he ate every bite. After dinner we participated in a Butler family tradition, a pinata. This was our kids first pinata experience and they loved it! Each child got a chance to whack the pinata and they dove for that candy and the toys.

On Friday we headed to a local bounce house where we all worked off our Thanksgiving pounds. The kids ran around like crazy for an hour and wore the parents and Grammy Shar out! Paislee had fun making new friends, Ella was all over the place, and Grant was hesitant at first and then had a blast once he figured it all out.

The weather was really nice, lots of sunshine and the kids spent a lot of time outside playing. We also took them for a walk through a local wetland, it's amazing how green everything is there and a nice change from this desert climate.

We spent a lot of time just visiting, playing the Wii, and hanging out. For Kenyon's birthday Jake, Kenyon, Angie and I went and saw Twilight, I'll keep it brief....I was disappointed!

We are so lucky to have so much family to celebrate the holidays with. Thank you Kenyon and Angie for welcoming us into your home, feeding us well, and entertaining us thoroughly, we love you guys!


Trina said...

It sounds like you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Traveling for the holidays can be hard, but is so worth it once you get there to see family. I think I'm the only one in the blogger world that hasn't seen Twilight. A lot of fans out there, I just haven't been one yet!

The Palmers said...

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Traveling can be so hard. Love your pictures!

Ang said...

Thanks for braving the roads - it made our Thanksgiving. Your pictures turned out great! I think I ended up with a grand total of 8 Thanksgiving photos, including 5 of the kids on the trampoline! I may need to steal some of yours.

We miss you guys already!