Friday, December 5, 2008

Tree Trimming Time

Each year we pick out a tree that looks an awful lot like Daddy, tall and skinny. This is one thing that Jake is insistent on and I don't push too hard to get my way, a fresh, live noble fir is the only tree for us. One of my favorite moments to capture with a picture each year is Jake centering the tree, this year Grant decided to help Daddy, I just missed the shot of his little head lined up next to Jake's under the tree : (.

Ella loves hanging the ornaments on the tree, you can tell which ones she hung because they are usually clustered together on the same branch. I try really hard to let my type A personality go into hiding during tree trimming and then when the branches get too heavy and the ornaments fall to the floor I redistribute them in a way that I prefer (don't tell the kids).
Pure concentration, plus she's standing on a chair which means that there are ornaments about 4 feet up the tree!!!
Ella is our official star topper, this is always the last thing to go on the tree at our house.

Here are the girls playing Vanna and modeling our tree. I love how proud they are of their accomplishments. Isn't there something totally calming about a lit tree, a fireplace roaring, a cup of cocoa and a clean house? I guess 3 out of 4 aren't bad!


the blonde potato said...

Your tree looks beautiful! The season is so fun with kids. We would also love to see you guys...soon!

Jill said...'re tree is beautiful! I love the red garland against the green! And you're kids are so cute...that Ella has got some RED hair...yay! We redheads have to stick together!

Ang said...

Ha! The tree does look like Jake! It's lovely (I envy you the live trees), and it looks like you guys had a fun time with it, too.

By the way, nice playlists - I use your blog as background music when I'm on the computer. :)