Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

In years past I have woken up in the morning, spied the newly fallen snow outside and inwardly groaned. Now I see the soft fluffy flakes falling and I'm just as excited as my kids are. The reason for this newly discovered joy is that after 14 years of driving in Idaho I am finally comfortable driving on slick roads! Comfortable should be defined as my legs don't turn to jello and start shaking as I approach an intersection. I don't totally freak out when there's someone right behind me. And I actually use my brakes to stop instead of only down shifting 150+ yards from where I need to stop.
The girls received new snow gear from their Great Grandma this Christmas and are delighted to go out and play whenever they get a chance. We've had two snowfalls big enough to warrant "playing in the snow" and this last one offered perfect snowman snow.
Unfortunately after the snow came warm weather and they ended up with slushy snow and a crumbling snowman (moments after he was built).
But these two didn't mind, plus they LOVE to have hot chocolate with marshmallows and whip cream to warm them up afterwards.
In the happenings of Grant he has some new vocabulary words: down, yeah, drink, and mup(up) and he took his first 4 steps at Pappa and Grammy's just before New Year's. He hasn't taken any since, but we know he's just biding his time before he hits the floor running!

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Trina said...

Cute pictures. I wish I could say I loved the snow, but I don't. I hate driving on yucky roads. I guess I lived away from it for to long.