Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ella Bella Turns 4!

Miss Ella turned 4 on Friday! We had such a fun time celebrating this little girl. She woke up early to open her new birthday outfit and was so excited to share cupcakes with her classmates at preschool. Her teachers made her an adorable purple birthday crown which she proudly wore most of the day. For dinner we celebrated at Chuckie Cheese with Pappa and Grammy and her cake of choice, Little Mermaid. She loved her birthday gifts from her Grandparents and spent all of Saturday playing with each one. Ella is such a sweetie pie most of the time, and a drama queen only some of the time. Her Daddy and her are very close and definitely have that special father/daughter bond. She loves playing make believe games with her older sister and is very patient and loving with her little brother. We are so proud of her and love her very much!

Happy Birthday Ella!


Hilarie said...

What a cutie! It's fun to see what stuff you did since I've got Kambree turning 4 on the 8th! (I don't have any ideas on what to get her yet...)

Looks like she had a great birthday!

Max, Raundi, & Jacob said...

I already miss Ella. I hope that your job situation will get better and she will be able to return to preschool. If not, it is good that you will be home with her for a while. She is just a wonderful little angel.