Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's Do This!

"Let's Do This" were the words out of Paislee's mouth as we started to help her ride her bicycle today. Obviously she wasn't feeling as positive at this point of the learning experience.
So we switched teachers and she started to do a little bit better and was riding by herself before Jake had her for too long.
Ella really wanted to keep up with her sister and kept asking for a turn, that fearless red head gene is going to get her in a lot of trouble and give Jake and I ulcers.
Grant hung out with the neighbor boy happily in the yard while Paislee and Ella rode up and down the street.
It became quite the event, it almost looks like they are getting to take off on a race here.

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Trina said...

That's so cute that Ella wanted to take a turn. The joys of teaching kids to ride bikes. Good think Daddy is there to help. Eric just might be lucky enough to teach Chloe, he's been gone for the other two.