Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grant is One!

It's official, as of Monday September 22nd our baby is one! He truly is an amazing kid. He has such an easy going personality which makes it easy for me to take him to work. I wanted to document a few of the things he does/has/says at the ripe old age of one.
He has 4 teeth, which he bit me with tonight 3 times and laughed and laughed and laughed.
He says, "hi" (especially while grocery shopping to all the other shoppers), "mommy" (he used to call me Bobba thanks to Jake and Allen), "daddy", "Ella", "Paislee", and "Thank You".
He loves animals, which include his sisters.
He's crawling like a champ and pulling himself up to a standing position (I'm not encouraging walking for as long as possible).
And can this kid eat. For breakfast he eats a bowl of oatmeal (an entire micro-wavable package) and then an entire banana. When we get to work 30 minutes later he has a snack before going down for a nap. For lunch he consumes an entire toddler meal and then snacks for 15 minutes afterwards on whatever you put in front of him. There's a snack again when we get home from work. For dinner he usually has a helping of whatever we're eating and sometimes seconds. He weighs in at 22.6 pounds and I'm curious what percentile he'll come in at for height and weight.
He likes the camera and knows he needs to smile.
Opening presents, he thought it was more fun to eat the wrapping paper and tissue than play with his toys, he's finally figured out the toys are the better part.
Here's his cake. I wanted to be a bit more elaborate but was not finding the creative juices.
Obviously my lack of creativity did not bother him in the least, he enjoyed every crumb that made its way into his mouth. Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy!


The Moorhouses said...

That's so cute to put all of the things he is doing right now. I will have to copy that next month when Cali turns one. He sounds like he is a happy baby and talking so early!

Trina said...

Happy Belated Birthday Grant!! Sept. 22 is a good birthday to have. The cake was way cute Britanie. Looks like Grant thought it was pretty yummy too. He's a cutie!!

The Mitchell Family said...

Carissa-I can't take credit for the idea, I noticed one of Jake's friends had done it for their 6 month old and thought it was a great one.

Trina-Happy belated birthday to you too, I thought that he was the only one on the 22nd when he was born but I've learned he shares it with you, one of Cleve and Linda's grandkids and we just had a new cousin born on Monday.