Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gunfighter Skies!

On September 13th our family hopped in Papa and Grammy's mini-van and road-tripped over to Mountain Home Air Force Base to watch the airshow. There are a lot of pictures of the back of Jake's head as he watched the airshow with the kids.
Grant didn't seem to mind the loud noises or just hanging out with the family.
Once again, the back of Jake's head! (This plane is a C-17, it was a big one, they called her Dumbo, but she is a tricky one, landed and came to a full stop in a very small distance).
The Thunderbirds flew in to do their surveillance for their performances the next day, this is the only shot we got with all six flying in formation.
Everyone watching the skydivers jumping from the C-17 and free falling thousands of feet at break neck speeds before opening their shutes and landing right on the x they were supposed to.


Kindall Klan said...

I love the look on your older daughter's face in that last picture. So cute!

Trina said...

I love watching The Thunderbirds. That's an awesome picture of them that you were able to capture. Sounds like you all had fun.

The Mitchell Family said...

Mistie-funny that she's the only one looking at the camera and posing.

Trina-Jake noticed how the one on the bottom left was breaking away earlier than the one on the top right, I definitely didn't notice it when they flew over it all happened so quickly.