Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Day at a New School

Paislee started fourth grade on Monday the 16th, 4th grade! Can you believe it? I am having a difficult time grasping it myself. She will be ten in November, "almost a teenager" according to her! She has always had a positive experience at school but we wanted her as well as the rest of the kids to have amazing experiences at school and be pushed to their greatest ability. With that in mind we placed her name in the lotteries for a couple of charter schools in our area and were thrilled that she was able to get into one.

She had an awesome first week of school. Two things of importance (according to her):
Long division is the bane of her existence (admittedly she is a bit behind in Math because this school is on such an accelerated pace, but she's bright and we know she will catch up)
The playground is much better here than at her old school
She's also thrilled to be making new friends!
Waiting for the bus, examining the rocks?

And walking across the street to get on the big yellow bus! Grant and Ella have missed her very much while she is gone, Ella starts Kindergarten this coming Friday and Grant starts preschool in 2012 (he is very disappointed that he does not get to go to school).
We are all excited to see what new things this school year brings!

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