Friday, May 13, 2011

Under My Feet

Last summer at a yard sale I picked up that black stool. It's purpose was to sit in the guest bathroom to help the kids wash their hands rather than standing on the toilet seat to do so. It now can consistently be found in random places in the kitchen, usually right where I am walking so I can trip over it. Parker pushes it around like it's a walking aid and then randomly stops and climbs on top of it.

If I'm in the kitchen cooking, Grant places it right next to me, so he can "help". This is where he had strategically placed it the other night. Parker thought it made an excellent seat and just sat there happily, swinging her feet, watching me cook.

Grant realized the wisdom in this and joined her, it was too sweet not to capture.

Love these two, even under my feet.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I love this post..I am constantly boxing kids in the head with my elbows or stepping on their feet or tripping over them too! It is funny they stand so close like we are gonna sneak out or what? :) I am sure when they are older we will say why don't they want to hang out around home anymore? :)