Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Hillbilly Pimp

Our little guy went in for dental surgery Friday morning, and was so brave. When his teeth came in we noticed that the one to the left of his front teeth was split in the middle. Apparently this isn't very common, especially on the top. We were also told that the chances of the permanent tooth coming in that way is very unlikely. However because of the split it was very susceptible to bacteria and cavities and had to be extracted. He also inherited some bad genes from me, my parents and his Grammy that makes him prone to cavities. (I'm explaining this so that you will all know that yes, we do brush this kids teeth, no we do not neglect his hygiene, and his sisters have healthy teeth).
Here he is the night of surgery, he recovered quickly and is back to his mischievious ways!

This is one very relaxed little boy after the "giggling medicine" he was given. He couldn't form a complete sentence at all, had the most dreamy expression on his face, and occasionally would giggle at us with big eyes. "Giggling medicine" would be handy to have in the house on those days that he just won't stop talking!
Happy before the surgery.

Super Grant in his super cape.

His little i.d. band with stickers on it. The nurses were wonderful, they made him feel very comfortable and treated him like a prince.

They allow you to bring special toys/blankets in with you and he brought his well loved Puppy and his favorite green blanket. The turquoise bear he picked out for being so brave, he named him Heart. Heart and Puppy, Grant calls them as he sees them!

They took him back in his bed with wheels and a big smile on his face. An hour and a half later I was taken back and found a very sad, upset, screaming little boy. He wanted his I.V. out, he wanted the heart monitor off of his big toe, and he wanted the nurses to get out of the room. He eventually calmed down after they removed the hoses and we were wheeled out of the hospital by a very old volunteer. Poor guy, I think he ran us into every door jamb between the surgical floor and our car!

Two great things from this, Grant's teeth are fixed, and I ran into my best friend from elementary school. We haven't seen each other since we were sophomores in high school and she switched schools. I've wondered where she was over the years, tried to find her through facebook, and finally found her on the 2nd floor at St. Lukes. It was wonderful to see her face again!

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