Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Procrastination; a naughty word

In the past I have written down goals that I have had and had them come to fruition because of basic planning, sadly this has not been working for me lately. Last year I wrote a post titled "Battling Thor", it was a list of my weaknesses, I decided to post it because peer pressure is a powerful thing. In that situation it worked, I was able to get a much better handle on some of my weaknesses. I'm hoping that by posting my personal to do list I will have the same results.

1. Finish quilts:
Paislee's Minkee Blanket
Ella's Butterfly Quilt
Grant's Flannel Blanket
The Rag Quilt I started over 6 years ago
Bind the quilt for the ward humanitarian aid
2. New baby projects:
Minkee Blanket
Receiving blanket
3. Super Saturday project
4. Finish canning/freezing/drying:
Potato soup
5. Sort through girls baby clothes, wash and hang
6. Update food storage list, get back to couponing, and make a food storage plan
7. Finish emergency car kits
8. 72 hour kit
9. Start scrapbooking again

I know there are many more projects I have been guilt ridden over never completing, we'll see what else I can dig up as I start this process. Wish me luck!

**Items that are italicized and in bold have been completed**

1 comment:

Kenyon said...

Hey, good luck! You're awesome!

I'm dying to see the quilts you're working on. I've never gotten a quilt rack, but at enrichment the other night they made this super-sweet ragtime quilt I'm dying to try. There's a sale on flannel at Joanne's until Friday; I may have to see what I can put together.

(This is Ang, just too lazy to log out of Kenyon's account...)