Monday, October 19, 2009

An Evening of Joy!

Next year there will be six of us making the trek to the pumpkin patch. We found out today that #4 is a girl, now the question is, what color of hair will she have?
Friday night we went as a family on our annual pumpkin picking outing and had so much fun! We arrived at dusk so we hopped right onto the hay ride to take us out to the pumpkin field.

Isn't he the sweetest little guy ever! He kept trying to pick up these pumpkins that weighed more than him, the grunts and strains were hilarious.
The kids with their orange jewels. I have to add that the girls gave their pumpkins baths yesterday while they were on the front porch, apparently they didn't like the dirt lingering on them.

There was a little petting zoo at the farm. At first he wasn't too sure about feeding the baby animals but this little pony made him laugh and laugh and laugh as he nibbled his fingers for a treat.
Paislee is in heaven right here. A pony ride! I think she could have rode her horse for hours and never tired. She definitely loves animals.
Grant and Ella were able to double up on this horse, I think his name was Joker.

I think this little ride is a must every year. It was packed the first few times we walked by it and we decided to wait, every time it pulled away without our kids on it Grant would run after it yelling, "Wait, wait!"

This was a new addition this year, swings! The entire time Grant kept saying "Weeee! Weeee!
And Ella was all smiles!

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Mel said...

Love the smiles! What a great outing for the fam!