Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grantster is Two!

Grant had a fun filled second birthday. Grandma Trudy came from Idaho Falls to celebrate with him, he cried big crocodile tears when she left. I saw this on a friends blog and thought it was a genius and simple idea so I stole it, while he was sleeping the night before his birthday we all snuck into his room and placed the balloons on the floor. He loved it!
Here he is "blowing up" a balloon.

His big sister Ella made him a King's crown to wear, he thought it was pretty special and she was so thoughtful.
We had family pictures that evening, that's why the kids are all matchy matchy.

He loved opening presents, his cousin Tripp loved helping him. It's so much fun when they start to figure out how things work.
Here he is with his cake, he definitely has figured out how things work, as soon as the candles were lit he started to sing "Happy Birthday" to himself.
The favorite toy was a Black and Decker tool bench. He played with it for 45 minutes straight (this is a kid who normally has a 2 minute attention span unless food is involved). After prayers and the girls were tucked into bed he tried to sneak back down to play some more. He kept saying, "I make..." when we would ask what he would make the answer was cookie, cake, or pizza, cooking with power tools!
Grant at two!
He weighs 28 lbs, is 33 3/4" tall, in the 50th percentile for both weight and height and wearing a size 3T, he'll soon be overtaking his sisters.
He has hundreds of words, usually speaks in 3 word sentences.
He sleeps really well, and I'm grateful for it.
His facial expressions are hilarious, he constantly keeps us laughing.
He is very sensitive, if anyone coughs, sneezes, gags, he is always asking, "You okay?" And if he is the one to sneeze he automatically reassures us, "I'm okay."
He misses his sisters and Daddy when they are gone during the day, but is a big help to Mommy.
He can count to 20.
He brings so much joy to our home, we are grateful for his sweet little spirit every day!

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aubrey said...

Adorable as always! :0) I just can't believe he is two! When did that happen?!