Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

One of the reasons I love fall above all other seasons is because of the first day of school. Of course football, cooler weather, pretty colors, and the approaching holidays all add to it, but the first day of school is right on top! Paislee is now in 3rd grade (I know, I'm old) and Ella has started preschool.
Paislee walking to the bus!
Ella climbing the steps to preschool.
Ella all ready for class to start.

Ella at the end of her first morning, she loved it.

Paislee had fun as well, relieved that she had friends in her class and she likes her teacher. Apparently they have a lot of books this year, she's excited about that too.

Grant on the other hand kept asking, "Where's Ella?" When I'd answer, "at school", he would then ask about Paislee. It will take him some time to get used to hanging out with just his Mom for a few hours each week but I for one am excited!

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Mel said...

My lil ones are noticing a big change w/ not having older brother home during the day. I like it hehe the volume level goes way down hehe. Glad the girls are having fun w/ school.