Monday, June 22, 2009

A Walk in the Cemetary

My Mom and Grandma live about a mile from the cemetary that my Grandpa Jones and the majority of my Mom's deceased family is buried. We had planned on taking a hike while in IF, but the weather would not cooperate. We were able to take a walk to the cemetary between showers to see the headstone on my Grandpa's grave.
Jake carried Ella the entire way, either on his shoulders or in his arms, needless to say she was sent back in the car with Great Grandma Jones on the way home. Behind them is the canal that my mom, her friends and cousins spent a lot of time swimming in as kids. I find that ironic, today our kids are taught to stay as far away from canals as possible, but when she was a kid it was a summer tradition. The kids loved hearing her tell about going through the checks and floating in the canal.

The back of the headstone with the names of all the children.

The front of the headstone, my Grandpa was a great hunter and there are dozens of stories about him and hunting elk. My Grandma does a lot of crochet, which is why there is a basket of yard on her side.

The entire time Grant kept looking around him peacefully taking in all of the the scenery. Everytime a bird would fly by he would get excited and say "bird, bird". The dandelion he's holding was something Grandma Trudy had given him, he kept having me smell it as we walked down the road. Paislee received a lesson from Grandma Trudy about all the plants and weeds along the path home and picked a bundle of "wildflowers" for her as we walked.

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the blonde potato said...

Sounds like a good family time. Tell your mom Hi for me!