Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learning to Swim 2010

Our kids and their goggles, they are seriously obsessed with them. One morning as I was driving to lessons I looked in the rearview mirror and both of the girls were wearing their goggles, why? I don't know! They felt more secure with them on? They were afraid I was going to drive into a canal and they'd need them? Who knows! And here's Paislee, waiting for her lesson to begin, wearing her goggles. Ella did the exact same thing while waiting for Paislee's lessons to finish and hers to start. Funny kids!
Paislee diving...she's not supposed to be squatting like that as she dives in, but whatever works!

Ella's first dive, and she did it head on and was EXCITED to do so, probably the only kid in her class that couldn't wait to go in head first!

Diving for rings, she's a champ and loves, loves, LOVES it!

Jumping off the diving board. On the last day she was supposed to jump in (not to the teacher) and then "ice cream scoop swim" to the other end. Her teacher was treading water out of her reach when she jumped in and Ella was seriously bicycling through the air in an effort to get to her teacher, she almost made it and made everyone laugh.
Once again swimming lessons were a ton of fun for everyone except yours truly, one day I won't be a nervous wreck from dealing with the children on the sidelines, but I'm afraid the days of entertaining, combatting children during lessons are going to last a few more years!

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