Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Three Months and Growing

I've honestly always had really good babies but this sweet baby girl takes the cake. She's never fussy unless she is starving. She sleeps 8 hours a night and then falls back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. She's cooing, blowing bubbles, squeaking and grinning all the time. She's also a mover and a shaker, she's trying her best to roll over. Every time I walk into her line of sight I'm greeted with the most wonderful smile and it just melts my heart. The smell of her calms me. We're enjoying every single second of her life.

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The Moorhouses said...

Isn't is so nice to have a good baby? Josie and I had a rough start with the sleeping schedule but now she is wonderful! I think she looks a lot like Ella, but does she still NOT have red hair, I can't really tell in the picture. Super cute!