Sunday, April 18, 2010

FHE Bowling

For Family Home Evening a few weeks ago we took the kids bowling. It was so much fun! The cutest little bowling shoes on the cutest little feet.

Jake probably won't forgive me for posting this photo, but isn't it adorable. Love these two guys in my life!

Watching Grant's ball making the slow progression down the lane.

Ella watching the pins fall.

Paislee holding the ball the correct way and getting ready to go.
Look at that form, she's pretty dang good, even bowled a strike! There was a teenage girl practicing in the lane next to us, she was very talented and had a very serious expression on her face the entire time, even when she was bowling strikes and picking up spares. Needless to say my girls didn't understand her lack of enthusiasm for the game. Ella on the other hand had plenty even when only a few pins fell down.

Grant became comfortable with bowling very quickly, he liked to pick his own ball up and carry it to the lane, he even tried to stick his fingers in the holes.

We heard a great talk today at church about family scripture study, prayers and FHE and the blessings it brings into your home. We are excited to continue the good habits we have, work on the ones we've been struggling with and start some new ones that will encourage our family to be more loving, obedient and reverent!

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Mel said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I love the pic of Jake w/ Grant...too cute!! Ella seems to have such a fun personality.