Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthday Makeover

This little girl has been patiently waiting for the day she turned 5. It almost seems like a magic number to her, I think the main thing is that she gets to go to kindergarten in the fall.
At age 5 we do a "friends" birthday and decided to take her and a few friends to a salon to get glammed over! As you can see she is so excited for her big makeover!
Ella wants to be a "haircutter" when she grows up and is fascinated with the process of getting your hair done. She sat patiently while her hair was curled, back combed, stacked on top of her head, sprayed, glittered and spray painted pink!
She had her nails polished with pink and purple glitter polish!
And final touches with makeup in the color of her choice.

Aren't they just gorgeous!

Paislee came along as well as was funktified instead of princessified.

Don't worry, it all washed out in time for church on Sunday!
Enjoying her sparkly soda with whip cream and sprinkles.

Once in a lifetime treat (I don't think I've even had all of this done to me in the same sitting before). In the words of these four girls, "It was the best day ever!"

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Mel said...

What great pics!! My sis took her 6y/o to a party like that and she had a blast. They must be the rave for lil girls. hehe