Saturday, July 11, 2009

Swimming Lessons 2009

From the girls stand point swimming lessons went better this year than last year. Ella has conquered her fear of the water and is not dramatic about it at all. Instead she is face down bum up swimming like a little fish, even while the teachers are trying to teach. The picture above is of Paislee diving (you couldn't have paid me to do that at her age, I was such a chicken) but she willingly dove in every time they asked her to.
Last year Ella had to be dropped off the diving board by the instructors as she screamed bloody murder, this year she voluntarily went first and right in.
Now the little red head in this picture was the turkey of Swimming Lessons '09. I got a workout for an hour every day in the hot sun as I wrestled, entertained, fed and chased that kid. He made the other moms laugh and had a few of the other waiting kids helping me sing to him to keep him occupied (you know I was desperate if I was singing out loud in public). On a more positive note, one of the instructors said she couldn't wait to have him in class because she could tell he already liked the water.
Ella's back float.
Ella's super man float, solo!
We love swimming lessons, Ella is already asking when she can go again!

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