Monday, May 4, 2009

Grant's Wii Time

This funny little boy loves to emulate his older sisters. He can scream like Ella, eat like Paislee, loves to play hide and seek with them, is learning to count with them, and playing the Wii with them.
He thought for sure that he was playing right along with her. He was very serious and so intent, he kept telling us to "watch, watch" just like Paislee would.

He also knew that he was being photographed, he likes to see the pictures as they appear on the screen just like Ella. And my girls wonder why I tell them they need to be a good example for their little brother, he really looks up to them and wants to keep up with them as well.

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mindy said...

I love that middle picture--he looks like Harry Potter wielding his wand. He sure is a cute little boy. How nice to have two big sisters to help him learn all the important things. :o)