Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trashin' the Camp

Our ward talent show was this last Friday night. It was seriously good, we have some very talented people in our ward, as well as some funny ones. Ella loved watching the show, her favorite part was the "Runway Show" that some of the sisters from the Relief Society did, we have a little fashionista on our hands.
Ella giving everyone a little pre-show talent.

Paislee danced on the stage with a large group of 6-8 year old girls to "Trashin' the Camp" from Tarzan. A sister in our ward volunteered to choreograph a number and teach it to these kids. They rehearsed twice a week for a 5 week period, amazing dedication on her part. Sister Merrill also danced later that night and is truly talented.

Paislee during the opening 8 count.

During the practices at home Paislee always danced and watched her toes at the same time. I reminded her to look at the audience and smile before we left the house and she did! I don't think she looked at her toes once. We're going to have to get her into some dances classes this fall, she really loved the whole experience.

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Jessica said...

Hey! So I wanted to link to your blog as well! Your kids are so cute!