Friday, August 8, 2008

Swim Fishy Swim

Paislee has come quite a proficient swimmer this summer. She can do the front crawl with breathing, the back crawl, and the elementary back stroke. She loves swimming under water the best and is starting to dive for rings on the bottom of the pool. She also learned how to dive off the diving board. We're so proud of her, I would've been too scared to do this at her age and am always amazed at how she always goes for things 100%.
This sweet picture was taken while we were waiting for class to start. These girls really are best friends and are constantly looking out for each other (even though sometimes it's to tattle).
Ella.... honestly 3 year old shouldn't be allowed to take swimming lessons, however there were at least 3 out of 8 days that she wasn't in hysterical tears (picture day being one of those). Here is she is jumping off the diving board on her own, she had to be dropped in on previous days. As long as her head didn't go under the water when she went in she was okay with it.
Things I learned about 3 year olds and swim lessons:
1) Make sure they have something to entertain them while their siblings are in class
2) Make sure you have something to bribe them with so they
will listen to their teachers and not cry
3) Make sure they do not have full days during swimming lessons,
they should be well rested
4) Make sure they use the bathroom before entering in the pool
(swim suits are difficult to take off while wet)
5) Make sure they have had something to eat before class to keep their energy up
6) Make sure they have naps after swimming lessons
7) Don't plan on being sane afterwards
That being said, we survived!

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the blonde potato said...

Britanie! So fun to see your blog and your cute family. We go to swim lessons there, too. Hope you are all doing well.